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By Advanced Foot Care Center
June 03, 2021
Category: Foot Conditions
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Your toenails are the perfect place for fungus to grow. They're damp and warm and fungi can get in through cracks in your toenail or cuts on your skin. Treating your toenail fungus in Ridgefield, CT, with your podiatrist, Dr. Allan Rosenthal of Advanced Foot Care Center, can keep it from spreading to your other toes.

Discolored Spot on Your Toenail

Possibly one of the first signs you'll get of a toenail fungal infection is a yellow or white spot on your toenail. The spot can spread to cover your whole toenail in time.

If you've eliminated other possible causes of the spot on your toenail such as injuries, then you should see your podiatrist at Advanced Foot Care Center, because it might be toenail fungus.

The Toenail Lifts From the Nail Bed

Your healthy toenail should be firmly attached to the nailed. Trauma can lift your toenail from its bed.

However, if your toenail begins lifting from the nail bed without previous trauma, you should be concerned. A visit to your podiatrist, Dr. Rosenthal, will determine if you have toenail fungus in Ridgefield, CT, so that you can commence treatment.

Thickening and Distortion of Toenail

As your toenail fungal infection progresses, it can cause structural changes. You might observe that your toenail gets thicker. It could also develop an odd shape or become warped.

Toenail Crumbles

A crumbling toenail is another sign of an advancing fungal infection. Around the edges of the infected toenail, especially the discolored parts might begin to crumble. You might also experience flaking in specific parts of your toenail.


Early-stage toenail fungus isn't usually painful. That's why self-examination is important because it helps you identify other signs before your condition advances.

Advanced toenail fungal infections can become painful and make wearing shoes uncomfortable. Walking can become painful for some patients with toenail fungus.

If you've seen some of these warning signs on your toenails, don't hesitate to reach out to your podiatrist. With the help of your podiatrist, Dr. Rosenthal of Advanced Foot Care Center, you can diagnose and treat early and advanced toenail fungus in Ridgefield, CT. Call (203) 431-0048 to schedule your consultation today.

By Advanced Foot Care Center
January 27, 2021
Category: Foot Conditions
Tags: hammertoes  

Are your hammertoes getting worse or affecting your daily activities? Your Ridgefield, CT, podiatrist, Dr. Allan Rosenthal of Advanced Foot Care Center, can offer treatments that will relieve your pain and help you manage your hammertoe symptoms.

How hammertoes form

Hammertoes are toes that bend at a right angle. If you look at the toe from the side, you'll notice that it looks a lot like a hammer. The condition occurs when the muscles, tendons, and ligaments that keep your toe flat become imbalanced. Initially, hammertoes are flexible and can be flattened by pressing on them. Eventually, they may become rigid and unbending.

You may be more likely to develop hammertoes due to an injury, arthritis, high arches, or wearing shoes that are too tight. If you frequently wear tight shoes, the muscles and tendons in your toe may become shorter and tighter, making it impossible to straighten your toe.

What you can do about hammertoes

Following a few of these recommendations may help ease your pain:

  • Get Rid of Your Tight Shoes: Replacing your tight shoes with ones that offer plenty of room to wiggle your toes is a good idea if you have a hammertoe. Open-toed shoes and sandals may be more comfortable options during warmer weather.
  • Try a Few Exercises: Toe exercises can keep your toe flexible and reduce stiffness. Spend at least a few minutes every day scrunching a towel with your toes, or try to pick up marbles or other small objects with your toes.
  • Pad Your Toes: Applying adhesive pads to the tops of your hammertoes will reduce pain and pressure when you wear shoes.
  • Take Anti-Inflammatory Medication: Over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication, like ibuprofen or naproxen sodium, may reduce pain and swelling. Ice packs can also help ease swelling and pain.
  • Visit Your Ridgefield Foot Doctor: Your podiatrist may recommend taping your toes and wearing orthotics in your shoes. Orthotics realign your feet and redistribute your weight, easing pressure on your toes. If your pain doesn't improve after taking over-the-counter medication, a corticosteroid injection may be helpful. Surgery to straighten your toe may be the best option if it has become rigid.

Do you have hammertoes? Call your podiatrist in Ridgefield, CT, Dr. Allan Rosenthal of Advanced Foot Care Center, at (203) 431-0048 to schedule your appointment.

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