What Are My Treatment Options for Heel Pain?

What Are My Treatment Options for Heel Pain?

What are My Treatment Options for Heel Pain? 

Heel pain can come on suddenly or develop gradually over time. It can also be debilitating, keeping you from enjoying an active life. Your podiatrist can help you get relief from heel pain. Dr. Allan Rosenthal at Advanced Foot Care Center in Ridgefield, CT, offers comprehensive podiatry services, including treatment of heel pain. 

What You Need to Know about Heel Pain  

There are a few main causes of heel pain, which include: 

  • A heel bruise, from stepping on hard or sharp objects 
  • A heel spur, from excess calcium deposits on your heel 
  • Plantar fasciitis, from inflammation of the thick band of tissue running across your heel, known as the plantar fascia 

You can develop plantar fasciitis from:  

  • Overpronating, or rolling your feet when you walk 
  • Walking or standing on hard surfaces for long periods 
  • Carrying excess weight or being flat footed 

So, what are your treatment options for heel pain? If you have mild, occasional heel pain, you can try to treat it yourself by: 

  • Stretching your arches for several minutes each day 
  • Taking over-the-counter pain and anti-inflammatory medication 
  • Elevating your feet regularly to relieve pressure on your feet and heels 

If you suffer from moderate to severe heel pain that doesn’t resolve or is getting worse, it’s time to visit your podiatrist, who may recommend:  

  • Custom-fit orthotics or footwear to support your feet and heels 
  • Physical therapy and stretches to increase flexibility and decrease stiffness 
  • Prescription-strength anti-inflammatory medications to decrease swelling and pain 
  • Corticosteroid injections to reduce inflammation and pain 
  • Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) to break up hard deposits on your heels 

Want to Know More? 

To learn more about the causes and treatment of heel pain, call Dr. Allan Rosenthal at Advanced Foot Care Center in Ridgefield, CT. You can reach him in the office by calling (203) 431-0048, so call today.

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