Why See a Podiatrist for A Sports Injuries

Why See a Podiatrist for A Sports Injuries

Consult Dr. Allan Rosenthal of Advanced Foot Care Center if you need expert treatment for sports injuries in Ridgefield, CT.

Why Should You Prioritize Seeing a Podiatrist if You Are Dealing with Sports Injuries?

Some doctors adopt specialties so they can offer better services to their patients. Cardiologists specialize in treating the heart, while oncologists are experts in all cancer-related matters.

You may also need to see a specialist if you recently sustained a sports injury. When it comes to that particular issue, you likely need to consult a podiatrist.

Podiatrists are doctors who focus on treating the feet and the lower legs. After learning about their specific area of expertise, you probably understand why their expertise is vital for treating sports injuries.

Although sports injuries are quite varied, many of the issues athletes end up dealing with specifically affect their feet and lower legs. That’s the case for just about any athlete. Whether you prefer playing football, basketball, baseball, or another sport, chances are you need healthy feet and legs to compete. Any significant injury to those parts of your body can render you unable to play your preferred sport for an extended period.

A podiatrist can do more than treat your sports injuries. Once treatment is completed, your podiatrist can also teach you how to prevent your recent injury from popping up again. They can teach you exercises and habits that will prevent recurring injuries.

Going to the podiatrist is also recommended if your foot or leg is bothering you for reasons you cannot understand. The podiatrist can determine if you are injured after they conduct a thorough examination.

Work with Dr. Rosenthal of Advanced Foot Care Center and secure treatment for your sports injuries in Ridgefield, CT.

What Sports Injuries Can Podiatrists Treat?

Podiatrists are capable of treating a wide array of sports injuries.

Among the injuries podiatrists frequently deal with are ankle sprains. These injuries are fairly common among basketball and soccer players. Count on your podiatrist to prescribe appropriate treatment based on the severity of the sprain.

Fractures are more severe foot and leg injuries. These traumatic injuries will likely require surgical treatment. Leave your surgery in the hands of an expert podiatrist to ensure that it will be performed correctly. Our podiatrist can also teach you how to handle the recovery process.

You can also approach a podiatrist seeking treatment for injuries related to wear and tear. Common overuse injuries include bursitis, tendinitis, and plantar fasciitis. Stress fractures are also commonly associated with excessive strain consistently placed on the feet.

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