What Are the Common Symptoms of Hammertoes

What Are the Common Symptoms of Hammertoes

Hammertoes are a progressive deformity of the toe that results in the joint stuck in an upward position and can cause pain, swelling, and difficulty walking. This condition occurs when the muscles of the leg or foot are weakened, causing the tendons of the affected toe to pull up instead of lying flat. To treat hammertoes in Ridgefield, CT, contact Advanced Foot Care Center. Dr. Allan Rosenthal is a podiatric physician who specializes in podiatric sports medicine, diabetic foot care, heel pain, children’s foot problems, and foot surgery. He has vast experience treating hammertoes and can offer you a qualified diagnosis and treatment plan.

Symptoms of Hammertoes

Common symptoms of hammertoe include the toe joint becoming rigid, swelling of the toe joint, and pain located at the top of the afflicted toe(s). For some patients, a callus or corn may present on top of the toe joint, or they may experience pain on the ball of the foot. Other patients experience redness or a burning sensation, and in rare circumstances develop open sores. There are three types of hammertoes, depending upon the progression of the deformity. Hammertoes may be flexible (some mobility still present), semi-rigid (beginning to stiffen), and rigid (soft tissues and tendons have tightened and the toe maintains no mobility). Left untreated, hammertoes progressively worsen over time, causing more severe pain and difficulty walking. To treat hammertoes in Ridgefield, CT, Dr. Rosenthal will first conduct a comprehensive physical examination of the toes and joints and may recommend X-rays.

Individuals at risk for developing hammertoes include those who experience abnormal muscle balance in the body, which creates increased pressure on the joints and tendons of the foot. Wearing poor shoes, including narrow high heels, neuromuscular disease, trauma to the foot, and genetic disposition can increase the prevalence of hammertoes in some individuals.

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Treatments for hammertoes can include surgery, custom shoes and orthotics, anti-inflammatory drugs or cortisone shots for pain relief, insulated padding in shoes around the hammertoe, or taping the toe. Hammertoes can be treated effectively in Ridgefield, CT by making an appointment at Advanced Foot Care Center. While surgery is recommended in certain circumstances, Dr. Rosenthal can also suggest foot exercises and outline at-home treatments that can help alleviate the pain from hammertoes. The health of your feet can determine your quality of life, so if you see symptoms of hammertoes or other podiatric ailments, make an appointment with Advanced Foot Care Center today. Your feet will thank you! Call (203) 431-0048.

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