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By Advanced Foot Care Center
March 09, 2020
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A hammertoe develops when you have an imbalance in a ligament and muscle surrounding your toe joint. This results in the buckling of your toe’s middle joint, which then causes it to get stuck in a bent and awkward position. Irritation and rubbing on the bent toe’s top portion is the most common side effect of a hammertoe. Here at Advanced Foot Care Center in Ridgefield, CT, our podiatrist Dr. Allan Rosenthal can perform a thorough examination of your condition to determine if you have a hammertoe and suggest a proper treatment plan for it.

Home Remedies for Hammertoes

If you have yet to see your podiatrist for your hammertoe, meanwhile, you could take certain measures to alleviate your discomfort and pain:

  • Only wear shoes that have a broad and high toe area. In general, there must be at least a half-inch space between the shoe’s tip and your longest toe, which could either be your second toe or big toe.
  • Always wear the appropriate footwear for the specific activity you’re doing.
  • Refrain from wearing shoes that have heels higher than two inches.
  • Massage the affected toe to ease the pain.
  • Consider purchasing non-medicated footpads for hammertoes. These fit around your toe joint’s top portion correctly to help reduce undue pressure on the area. Some products even come with a gel lining to help prevent irritation on the toe from the shoe. Additionally, OTC metatarsal pads may help when placed correctly.

Medical Treatments for Hammertoe

If you have a more severe hammertoe, your Ridgefield podiatrist may recommend the following treatments depending on the severity of your hammertoe:

  • Medications that treat inflammation could ease swelling and pain. For more severe cases, doctors usually recommend cortisone injections.
  • Your podiatrist may likewise recommend that you wear customized shoe inserts to prevent your hammertoe from worsening and alleviate your pain.
  • Splinting the affected toe may also help relieve discomfort and pain.
  • Your podiatrist may also teach you foot exercises for restoring your muscle balance.

If these medical treatments still fail to fix your hammertoe, your podiatrist may recommend surgical intervention. Surgeries to treat hammertoes are done on an outpatient basis. Doctors use different surgical procedures for treating hammertoes.

Need Relief from Hammertoe?

Call (203) 431-0048 to book your consultation date with our podiatrist, Dr. Allan Rosenthal, here at the Advanced Foot Care Center in Ridgefield, CT.

By Advanced Foot Care Center
November 04, 2019
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Your podiatrist in Ridgefield, CT, can help your feet feel better

If your heels are hurting, there is a chance that things could become much worse. Heel pain can be debilitating, keeping you from walkingheelpain or standing for long periods of time. Fortunately, your podiatrist can do a lot to help you get relief from heel pain. Here at Advanced Foot Care Center in Ridgefield, CT, Dr. Allan Rosenthal offers heel pain treatment to help keep you and your feet strong and healthy. Read on to learn how he can help you too!


More about Heel Pain

Heel pain can be caused by a few common issues. For example, if you step on a sharp object, you can get a heel bruise, or if you have excessive deposits of calcium, it can cause a heel spur. Out of all the causes of heel pain, however, plantar fasciitis is perhaps the most common.

Plantar fasciitis occurs when the thick band of tissue running across your heel, known as the plantar fascia, becomes inflamed. Runners and joggers commonly suffer from plantar fasciitis, but you don’t have to be an athlete to develop the condition—everyday activities can cause it as well. For example, if you roll your foot when you walk (a condition called overpronating) you may eventually suffer from plantar fasciitis. If you walk or stand on hard surfaces for long periods of time, you can also develop it plantar fasciitis. Other risk factors include being flat-footed and carrying extra weight.

To get relief from plantar fasciitis pain, you can try a few easy home remedies. Consider:

  • Placing ice packs on your heel several times during the day
  • Taking over-the-counter anti-inflammatory and pain medication
  • Resting and taking weight off of your feet
  • Wearing over-the-counter heel inserts or cushions

If you suffer from moderate to severe heel pain that isn’t relieved with home therapies, it’s best to visit your podiatrist. At Advanced Foot Care Center they may recommend:

  • Custom-fit orthotics or footwear to cushion and support your feet
  • Prescription-strength anti-inflammatories to decrease swelling
  • Physical therapy and stretches to maintain flexibility
  • Extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT)

You can do a lot to prevent heel pain by always wearing the appropriate, supportive shoes for the activity you are doing. Also, remember to stretch your arches daily and try to maintain a healthy weight. You might also try changing to lower impact activities like swimming.


Need Relief? Give Us a Call

You and your feet deserve the services of your skilled podiatrist. To find out more about heel pain treatment and other foot care services, call Dr. Allan Rosenthal of Advanced Foot Care Center in Ridgefield, CT, today by dialing (203) 431-0048.

By Advanced Foot Care Center
May 03, 2019
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Not having success treating your fungal infection? A podiatrist can help.

Nail fungus is a common occurrence, particularly one that occurs more often as we get older. If you notice that one of your toenails is fungusyellow, brittle, crumbling or thickening then chances are that you are suffering from a toenail fungus. What should you? Well, you have a few options. Here are some ways to get your toenail fungus under control, as well as when to turn to your Ridgefield, CT, podiatrist, Dr. Allan Rosenthal at Advanced Foot Care Center for treatment.

Will a fungal infection go away by itself?

No. An infection is an infection, plain and simple and it needs to be treated to prevent it from spreading and causing permanent damage to your toenails. Those who have diabetes or nerve damage in their feet are particularly prone to toenail fungal infections and should seek treatment from their Ridgefield, CT, foot doctor right away if they suspect that they might have a fungal infection.

Of course, most people choose to treat a fungal infection with simple at-home treatments. While there are over-the-counter antifungal creams that are designed for toenail fungal infections, they aren’t often the most effective option. Why? Well, unfortunately, this medicated ointment or nail polish won’t be able to penetrate inside or under the nail where the fungus lives. Therefore, if antifungal creams aren’t working, it’s best to see Dr. Rosenthal who can help.

How will a podiatrist treat a fungal toenail infection?

There are two popular ways to treat a fungal infection. Instead of applying a cream or nail polish to the affected nail, we will prescribe a medication that you will take orally. This medication will work throughout the body to kill the fungal infection. This is usually an ideal option for those who’ve dealing with a minor or one-time fungal infection.

Those with recurring or severe toenail infections may want to consider laser fungal therapy. During this painless treatment, a laser is directed over the nail where it will heat up and destroy the fungus that lies within and under the nail. One session is usually all that’s needed to kill the fungus; however, it will still take about 6 months or longer for the nail to grow out clear after treatment. Laser fungal treatment is highly effective and can be ideal for those dealing with persistent infections.

Whether you are dealing with a toenail fungus or you have questions about the foot and ankle care we offer here in Ridgefield, CT, don’t hesitate to call Advanced Foot Care Center at (203) 431-0048 to find out what we can do for you.

By Advanced Foot Care Center
March 06, 2019
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How your podiatrist in Ridgefield, CT, can help you

If you’ve ever had an ingrown toenail, you know how uncomfortable and inconvenient it can be. An ingrown toenail can cause swelling that ingrown toenailmakes it difficult to wear shoes and walk around. The good news is, if you are struggling with an ingrown toenail, your foot doctor can help you feel better. Dr. Allan Rosenthal at Advanced Foot Care Center in Ridgefield, CT, is an expert at treating toe and foot problems.

You will know you have an ingrown toenail if you notice pain, swelling, and darkening of your toe and toenail. You will feel pressure coming from underneath your toenail. There are some great tips you can follow to prevent ingrown toenails. Remember to:

  • Avoid cutting your toenails too short
  • Cut toenails straight across, with no rounded corners
  • Wear protective shoes to prevent toenail injuries
  • Wear shoes with a wide toe area

In many cases, an ingrown toenail will go away on its own if you try a few home remedies like these:

  • Soaking your toe in warm water several times each day
  • Placing dental floss underneath your toenail to gently force the toenail off of the skin
  • Applying over-the-counter antibiotic cream under and around the toenail
  • Bandaging the damaged toenail and wearing open shoes until the toe has healed
  • Taking over-the-counter pain and anti-inflammatory medication

For stubborn ingrown toenails that don’t resolve on their own, your foot doctor can help. There are several effective professional treatments Dr. Rosenthal may recommend, including:

  • Gently lifting and separating your toenail from the surrounding skin, to help the toenail grow freely again
  • Trimming off the ingrown piece of your nail
  • Removing the toenail completely to allow a healthy, new toenail to grow

If you are suffering from the painful throbbing and swelling of an ingrown toenail, it’s time to get treatment from an expert. It’s time to contact your foot doctor. For more information about ingrown toenail treatment and other podiatry services, call Dr. Allan Rosenthal at Advanced Foot Care in Ridgefield, CT. Call now and help your toes and feet feel better!

By Advanced Foot Care Center
January 02, 2019
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Find out how your Ridgefield, CT, podiatrist can help you with your heel pain

Dr. Allan Rosenthal, your podiatrist at Advanced Foot Care Center in Ridgefield, CT, has years of experience and knowledge of how to Heel Painexamine feet, prescribe the proper course of treatment, and resolve any issue and problem, including heel pain.

Causes of Heel Pain

Many people start to feel pain when the plantar fascia (a connective tissue that extends from the heel bone, across the arch, and to the toes) becomes irritated or inflamed. This occurs when the foot rolls inward excessively while walking. The incessant rolling makes the foot flatten, an occurrence that lengthens the arch and adds tension on the connective tissue, causing inflammation and producing pain.

Other heel pain causes include:

  • Heel spurs, a growth on the bone that may be painless in many cases but may also result in chronic pain
  • Arthritis, which is the swelling of cartilage and lining in joints
  • Gout, which is the buildup of uric acid salts in the joints

There are other disorders and issues as well including, collagen disorders, nerve injuries, heel bone abnormalities, and tumors.

Caring For My Heel Pain

Here are a few noninvasive options to consider.

  • Wear comfortable shoes made of soft rubber
  • Wear orthotic devices
  • Go to physical therapy
  • Stretch out your feet daily
  • Avoid rigorous sports and exercises
  • Take medications according to your podiatrist's orders in addition to medicine such as ibuprofen that can help reduce inflammation
  • Relax your feet and don't overexert yourself

If all else fails, there's the option of getting a surgical treatment that'll eliminate heel pain and remove connective tissue and heel spurs.

Consultation With A Podiatrist

For more information regarding your heel pain, contact Dr. Rosenthal's Ridgefield, CT, office at (203) 431-0048 to schedule an appointment.

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