• What To Do When You Have Heel Pain
    Find out how to address heel pain when it happens to you. Are you noticing a sharp pain at the bottom of your heel when walking, standing, or exercising? If so, Read more
  • What Are Some Common Sports Injuries?
    Staying active is very important and can help people live a happy and healthy life. One way to do this is by participating in sports, which can be fun and Read more
  • Treatments for Heel Pain
    Dr. Allan Rosenthal of the Advanced Foot Care Center is committed to diagnosing and treating your heel pain in Ridgefield, CT, as efficiently as possible. If you're suffering from chronic, Read more
  • How Your Podiatrist Can Help With Your Heel Pain
    Your podiatrist in Ridgefield, CT, can help your feet feel better If your heels are hurting, there is a chance that things could become much worse. Heel pain can be debilitating, Read more
  • Dealing With Heel Pain? We Can Help
    Find out how your Ridgefield, CT, podiatrist can help you with your heel pain Dr. Allan Rosenthal, your podiatrist at Advanced Foot Care Center in Ridgefield, CT, has years of experience and Read more
  • Don't Ignore Your Heel Pain
    Though it often begins mildly and without much pain, untreated heel pain can develop into a much more painful, frustrating condition. Ignoring your heel pain can bring with it serious Read more
  • Are You Dealing with Heel Pain?
    Don’t let heel pain tell you what you can and can’t do with your days. Whether you are an avid athlete or someone who just got a Fitbit® to start tracking their daily Read more

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