Treatments for Heel Pain

Treatments for Heel Pain

Dr. Allan Rosenthal of the Advanced Foot Care Center is committed to diagnosing and treating your heel pain in Ridgefield, CT, as efficiently as possible. If you're suffering from chronic, acute, or lingering heel pain, learn more about how to best treat your feet and start feeling better today.

Plantar fasciitis, while felt as heel pain stretching underneath the foot, is caused by overuse and inflammation from things like running, sports, standing for long periods, and age. Not all types of heel pain mean plantar fasciitis, however. The only way to know for sure is to speak with your foot doctor and get a diagnosis. These are some common symptoms to consider:

  • Pain with walking or standing for long periods
  • Increased pain or difficulty moving after exercise
  • Difficulty standing or walking after a long rest, such as stepping out of bed in the morning

Treatments for Heel Pain in Ridgefield, CT

Before you start any at-home treatment, talk to your podiatrist. You'll want to make sure your heel pain is, in fact, plantar fasciitis first, or else you could put yourself at risk for further injury. That being said, there are a few things your podiatrist may recommend as part of a comprehensive treatment plan.

  • Rest your feet- While movement can heal, if you're not positive of your diagnosis, it's best to stay off your feet until you can get confirmation. That means limiting running, extensive walking, or even long periods of standing. Time away from the activity that causes you pain can start the healing process.
  • Strengthen your feet- Your feet support you all day long - why not make sure they're strong! Strong feet and solid arch support from surrounding muscles can reduce the strain on the plantar fascia. Your doctor can prescribe foot-strengthening and stretching exercises as a part of rehabilitation and pain alleviation.
  • Use ice - Need relief now? Applying ice on it can give you instant relief, but it's not a long-term solution. Grab some old paper cups, fill them about 3/4 full, and freeze overnight. Once the water becomes ice, take it out of the freezer and peel back the paper cup until the top of the ice cube is revealed. Use this hand-held ice cup to soothe your heel pain as needed.

Get started with treatment for heel pain in Ridgefield, CT today!

Ready to finally get back on your feet? Contact Dr. Rosenthal of the Advanced Foot Care Center at (203) 431-0048 to schedule an appointment today.

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